2019 Regional Final

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region winner
2019 Mo-Kan Region Winner Diva and Runner-up Jack

A total of twenty-eight dogs competed Saturday. Fourteen dogs and handlers were brought back Sunday morning for seven elimination braces. The final six dogs and their handlers then ran Sunday afternoon.

Regional final six
2019 Mo-Kan Region Final Six

The results of round three were:
First Brace: Skippers Kentucky Bo, Mark Gillespie 646
Simmons Black Dog, Jerry Simmons 533.5

Second Brace: Maces Hardtime Diva, Mark Gillespie 818
Moniteau’s Ramblin Rebel, Lonnie Jones 306.5

Third Brace: Beeline Attitude, Rick Manfredi 309
Bandits Jackpot, Mark Gillespie 809.5

Mark Gillespie had two dogs qualified for the final hour and chose to handle Diva. His pal, Kyle Kopfmann handled Jack. Diva won with 698.5 points to Jack’s 270.5. Congratulations go to Mark for placing Diva as the MOKAN Champion, Jack as the first runner-up, and Bo as the second runner-up.

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