2013 Regional Winners

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2013 MOKAN Regional Elimination

The MOKAN Regional Elimination Trial was held on April 20 and 21, 2013 near Sterling Kansas. We had 48 dogs participating in two fields. The weather was clear and dry and it was a great weekend for field trialing.

2013 Mo-Kan region winners
The regional champion for the second year in a row went to High Flyin Fancy and Alan Shick. Mr. Bob Power was second runner-up with Power’s Gun Slinger. Second runner-up was Rocking G’s Dazzling Diamond owned and handled by Norm Kermmoade. Third runner-up went to Buddy’s Buster II handled and owned by Jim Doughty.

2013 Mo-Kan region banquet
The officers and members of the MOKAN Region would like to thank the following persons for their monetary gifts and time devoted to make our regional trial a financial and organizational success: Ann and Kyle Kopfmann, Mark Gillespie and Brad Goddard.

Rick Manfredi, President

2012 Regional winners

2012 MOKAN Regional Elimination

The MOKAN Regional Elimination Trial was held on April 21th and 22th 2012 near Sterling, Kansas.  Thanks and well done is in order to our Salt Plains Field Trial Cub and Mark Gillespie and Kyle Kopfmann who set up the trial grounds. We wish also to thank Mr. Kenny Fields of Fields Outdoors for being at and donating products to our region.

A total of 32 dogs ran in qualification round field on Saturday. Winners of the qualification round were:

First place: Sawyers Flash Point and handler Bob Sawyers with a score of 918.

Second place: Chip’s Southern Alibi and handler Mark Gillespie with 865.

Third Place: Ellie’s Crazy Katie and handler Nick Hachman with 811.

Bob Sawyers and Mark Gillespie have been here before. This was Nick Hachman’s first regional placement. Congratulations Nick.

Sunday morning the top sixteen dogs competed in eight braces.  The top six dogs from this field then ran in three braces to determine the top four placements. The top six handlers and dogs were; Swift Rock Molly and Chad Griffith, Paint Creek Lilly and Don Wells, High Flying Fancy and Alan Shick, Chipp’s Southern Alibi and Mark Gillespie, Rawhide Blazin Thunder and Rick Meyer, and Lucy’s Ragtime Son and Stan Snyder. Fancy and Thunder were the top two dogs that advanced to the hour run.

The regional winner was Alan Shick with High Flying Fancy who finished with 1009 points in the final hour run against Rick Meyer and Rawhide Blazin Thunder who finished with 822 points. Second runner up went to Stan Snyder and Lucy’s Ragtime Son. Third runner up went to Mark Gillespie and Chipp’s Southern Alibi.

Back row left to right: Ken Fields-vendor, Kurt Eberspacher-judge, Phil Taunton- marshal, and Dellyn Feighner-judge. Front row: Alan Shick and Fancy, Rick Meyer and Thunder.


Rick Manfredi

President, MOKAN Region President

2010 Regional Winners

The MOKAN Regional Elimination Trial was held on April 17th and 18th 2010 at the Country Hunts Shooting Preserve in Valley Falls, Kansas.  A total of 48 dogs ran in two fields Saturday.  Winners on A field were: Powers Moonshine 1151, Sawyers Flash Point 870, and Chipp’s Southern Alibi 725.  Placements for B field went to: Sourthern Rep’s Wilamena 793, Rawhide Blazin Thunder 731, and Lucy’s Ragtime Son 724.

Sunday morning the top eight dogs from each field competed for the final six spots in three braces to determine the four regional placements.

It was not surprising that Jim Doughty of Neosho, Missouri, jimsbrittanys.com and Bob Saywers of Excelsior Springs, Missouri had their dogs in the final hour of the regional.  Both Jim Doughty and Bob Sawyers are familiar with the winning circle of the MOKAN Regional Elimination.  Bob’s “Sawyers Little Jewel” won it all last year (2009) while Jim Doughty’s “Mack Too” was the regional champion in 2004.  Mr. Doughty’s “Buddy’s Buster II” was also the regional winner in 2007.  In addition both Bob and Jim have had regional runner up placements.

Buster came out on top with a score of 1051 while Flash finished with 822.  This made Buster the only two-time MOKAN Regional Champion in the history of our region.  Way to go Jim!

2011 Regional Winners


The MOKAN Regional Elimination trial was held on April 16 and 17, 2011 at the Quail Creek Hunting Preserve in Prescott, KS. We wish to thank Mr. Gary Endecott, the owner and manager of Quail Creek for again being an excellent host. Sunday morning the top eight dogs from each field competed for the final six spots in three braces to determine the four regional placements.

A total of 48 dogs ran in 2 fields Saturday. Winners on A field were: Finishing Touch Missy and handler, Bruce Anderson with 872.5, Mack Too and handler, Jim Doughty with 807.3 and Sandy’s Buster III and handler Jim Doughty with 776.5.

Placements for the B field qualification round went to: Simmons Attirail Sue and handler Jerry Simmons with 926.5 points, Sawyers Big Chase and handler Bob Sawyers with 833.1 points, and Beeline Honkytonk and handler Rick Manfredi with 753 points.

The top six handlers and dogs were top left to right; Mark Gillespie and Chipp’s Southern Alibi, Bob Power and Power’s Moonshine, Jamie Custer and JC’s Casey Girl, Gary Hampton Jr. and Bull’s Wyatt Earp, Bob Sawyers and Sawyers Big Chase, and Jim Doughty and Buddy’s Buster II.

The Regional winner was Bob Power with Power’s Moonshine who finished with 1067 points in the final hour run against Mark Gillespie and Chip’s Southern Alibi who finished with 733.5 points. Second runner up went to Jamie Custer and Casey and third runner up went to Gary Hampton Jr. and Wyatt. Congratulations for a job well done!

2009 Regional Winners

First Place: Sawyers Little Jewel owned by Bob Sawyers

Second Place: Simmon’s Dancing Diesel owned by Gerald Simmons

On left: Third Place: Bob Powers and The Kansas Outlaw

On right: Herring’s Misty Jade owned by Tim Colgrove and handled by Steve Herring

Final 6 dogs and handlers: 1st Sawyers/Jewel, 2nd Simmons/Diesel, 3rd Powers/Bullett, 4th Jade/Herring, 5th Manfredi/Cowboy and 6th Wheeler/Levi

2008 Regional Winners

April 19th, 2008

Place Name of Dog Owner
1 The Kansas Outlaw Power
2 Beeline Honkeytonk Manfredi
3 Hammer’s Last Stand Manfredi
4 Rawhide Blazin Shorty Clinton

Thanks to all of those who helped make this a success. We look forward to seeing you all in the Fall 2008.

2008 Missouri – Kansas Regional Elimination Winners

1st – The Kansas Outlaw – Bob Power
1st Runnuer Up – Beeline Honkytonk – Rick Manfredi
2nd Runner Up – Hammer’s Last Stand – Rick Manfredi
3rd Runner Up – Rawhides Blazin Shorty – Rick Meyer

From Right to Left:
Rick Manfredi with Beeline Honkytonk
Rick Meyer, Mark Gillespie, Bob Power
Brent Wheeler with Bailey’s Drywood Billie

2006 Regional Winners

Standing – Larry Bailey, MO/KAN President
Winner – 5x Ch I’m Gabbie
Marilyn & Bruce Anderson

RU – 4x Ch Tomoka’s Mendy Shades
(was also RU 2006 High Point Dog)
Jim Gourley

3rd place – Ch Southern Rep’s Dot
John Mitchell

4th place – 3x Sawyers Little Jewel
Bob Sawyers




Our big winner of the day was 5x Ch I’m Gabbie owned and handled by Bruce Anderson of Overbrook, Kansas. Gabbie finished looking as fresh as she did when she started on Saturday running a great brace. When she shows up without her “coat” she is ready to roll!

Gabbie completed her 1st championship on September 15, 2001. In the 2004 Regional Elimination she placed 1st Runner Up. She has earned a total of 5 championships.

4x Ch Tomoka’s Mendy Shades was 1st Runner Up. Owned and handled by Jim Gourley of Topeka, Kansas. Shades earned his 1st championship on October 17, 2000. Shades was our Runner Up High Point Dog of the Region this year! He is an outstanding competitor covering the field with determination and style.

1x Ch Southern Rep’s Dot was in the 3rd place spot. Owned and handled by John Mitchell of Wichita, Kansas this is a great pair of competitors!

3x Ch Sawyers Little Jewel was in the 4th place spot. Owned and handled by Bob Sawyers of Excelsior Spring, Missouri. Jewel has been on a roll in the region all of 2005 & 2006. She also tied to RU High Point dog of the Region and this placement was no surprise to any of us who have competed with her.

Honky Tonk Lily rolled into to 5th place showing that she is an up and coming winner in the Region. Owned and handled by John Mitchell of Wichita, Kansas.

2x Ch Big Delivery Fly finished 6th place. After just finishing up a bout with motherhood she shows that girls can get it done! Owned and handled by John Mitchell, Wichita, Kansas – somehow I seem to be repeating myself!!

A big thanks to all that competed and especially to those who helped make this a successful trial.

Larry Bailey for worrying over all the little details, all the boys from the Salina Club who had everything layed out for a great trial, our judges from Nebraska and the great job our bird planter Josh Weiand did! to all of those who helped run score cards, check totals, collect birds, fill bikes with gas and stay until the last picture was taken and especially all the great moments that goes into making a memorable trial!

1986 – 2008 Regional Winners & Runners Up

1986 Regional Winner Bob’s Anna Von Anheuser – Bob Phillips
    1986 Runner Up Mosley’s Buckshot – Steve Gumm
1987 Regional Winner Marathon Woman – Ken Horner
     1987 Runner Up Smokey Branch Zack – J L Burditt
1988 Regional Winner Ray’s Little Penny – Dale Lovall
     1988 Runner Up Burditt’s High Hope – J L Burdett
1989 Regional Winner Madruga’s Super Ranger – Cal Halpin
     1989 Runner Up Smokey Branch Zack – J L Burditt
1990 Regional Winner John’s Elhew Candy – Bob Power
     1990 Runner Up He’s Just Right – Dale Lovall
1991 Regional Winner Son of Twister – Richard Hiestand
     1991 Runner Up John Boy’s Joker – John Resa
1992 Regional Winner Tomoka’s Fred Head – John Drenick
     1992 Runner Up Scratch Boomer Cody – Bo Marcum
1993 Regional Winner Scratch Boomer Cody – Bo Marcum
     1993 Runner Up Dead Eye Duke – Bo Marcum
1994 Regional Winner Rail’s Fancy Flair – Larry Proctor
     1994 Runner Up Power’s Tricky Pat – Bob Power
1995 Regional Winner Slate Creek Wink – Jim Henson
     1995 Runner Up Mr Hewletophski – Mike Owen
1996 Regional Winner Dr Spuds – Gaylord Kisner
     1996 Runner Up Mark’s Master Hawk – Mark Gillespie
1997 Regional Winner Southern Rep’s Belle – Mike Moore
     1997 Runner Up Mr Hewletophski – Mike Owen
1998 Regional Winner Proctor Elhew Leadtail – Larry Proctor
     1998 Runner Up Panda Bird Finder – Lloyd Christopher
1999 Regional Winner Mr Hewletophski – Mike Owen
     1999 Runner Up Southern Rep Doc – Bob Prater
2000 Regional Winner A Classy Cut – Curt Haynes
     2000 Runner Up Southern Rep’s Belle – Mike Moore
2001 Regional Winner Ranger’s Barshoe Angel – Rick Meyer
     2001 Runner Up Sharon’s Tomoka Pride – B Anderson
2002 Regional Winner Scratch Boomer Again – Jim Perry
     2002 Runner Up Bailey’s Elhew Riley – Larry Bailey
2003 Regional Winner Rawhide’s Blazin Josie – Ken Smith
     2003 Runner Up I’m Gabbie – Bruce Anderson
2004 Regional Winner Mack Too – Jim Doughty
     2004 Runner Up KCK’s Outlaw Kid – Clayton Carr
2005 Regional Winner Mitchell’s Elhew Sage – John Mitchell
     2005 Runner Up The Kansas Outlaw – Bob Power
2006 Regional Winner  I’m Gabbie – Bruce Anderson
    2006 Runner Up  Tomoka’s Mendy Shades – Jim Gourley
2007 Regional Winner  Buddy’s Buster II – Jim Doughty
     2007 Runner Up  Mack Too – Jim Doughty
 2008 Regional Winner  The Kansas Outlaw – Bob Power
 2008 Runner Up  Beeline Honkytonk – Rick Manfredi