2014 MOKAN Regional Elimination

2014 Region winner and runner-up
2014 Region winner and runner-up

The MOKAN Regional Elimination Trial was held on April 12th and 13th 2014 near Prescott, Kansas on the grounds of Quail Creek Hunting Preserve. Many thanks to Mr. Garry Endecott who is the manager of the preserve and who worked hard in helping to set up the grounds. Others who contributed to the success of the Regional Trial and who we owe a thank you to are, Bob Power, Larry Bailey, Brent Wheeler, Less Russell and Alan Shick.
Regional judges were Mr. Ron Huels and Ron Becker who performed in their normal professional manner. Thanks Rons.

A total of 36 dogs ran in qualification round field on Saturday. Winners of the qualification round were:

  • First place: Mace’s Hard Time Deva and handler Mark Gillespie with a score of 881.
  • Second place: Mace’s Top Gunner and handler Curt Beckly with 878.5.
  • Third Place: Lucy’s Ragtime Son and handler Stan Snyder with 838.
  • Fourth Place: Quail Valley’s Nose Knows and handler Adam Fellers with 823.5.

Sunday morning the top sixteen dogs competed in eight braces. The top six dogs from this field then ran in three braces to determine the top four placements. The top six handlers and dogs were; Quail Valley’s Nose Knows and Adam Fellers, Power’s Gun Slinger and Bob Power, Chip’s Southern Alibi and Mark Gillespie, Mace’s Hard Time Deva and Mark Gillespie, Outta Town Nook and Curt Beckly, and Beulah Ridge Stoney and Ed Holland.
The top two dogs from the above runs were Chip’s Southern Alibi and Mace’s Hard Time Deva. Both Chip and Deva happened to be owned and handled by Mark Gillespie. Chip had won the MOKAN Regional before so Mr. Gillespie chose his buddy and car pool rider, Bob Power to run Chip in the final hour. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Chip even with the disadvantage of a new handler, won 695 to 637 points. Just proves you can’t hold a truly good dog down.

Regional placements were:

  • First Place: Chip’s Southern Alibi handled by Bob Power.
  • Second Place: Mace’s Hard Time Deva handled by Mark Gillespie.
  • Third Place: Power’s Gun Slinger handled by Bob Power.
  • Fourth Place: Quail Valley’s Nose Knows handled by Adam Fellers.

Rick Manfredi
Secretary Treasurer, MOKAN Region President

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