2010 Regional Winners

The MOKAN Regional Elimination Trial was held on April 17th and 18th 2010 at the Country Hunts Shooting Preserve in Valley Falls, Kansas.  A total of 48 dogs ran in two fields Saturday.  Winners on A field were: Powers Moonshine 1151, Sawyers Flash Point 870, and Chipp’s Southern Alibi 725.  Placements for B field went to: Sourthern Rep’s Wilamena 793, Rawhide Blazin Thunder 731, and Lucy’s Ragtime Son 724.

Sunday morning the top eight dogs from each field competed for the final six spots in three braces to determine the four regional placements.

It was not surprising that Jim Doughty of Neosho, Missouri, jimsbrittanys.com and Bob Saywers of Excelsior Springs, Missouri had their dogs in the final hour of the regional.  Both Jim Doughty and Bob Sawyers are familiar with the winning circle of the MOKAN Regional Elimination.  Bob’s “Sawyers Little Jewel” won it all last year (2009) while Jim Doughty’s “Mack Too” was the regional champion in 2004.  Mr. Doughty’s “Buddy’s Buster II” was also the regional winner in 2007.  In addition both Bob and Jim have had regional runner up placements.

Buster came out on top with a score of 1051 while Flash finished with 822.  This made Buster the only two-time MOKAN Regional Champion in the history of our region.  Way to go Jim!

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