Missouri-Kansas NSTRA Region

Jerry and Josh with Black and Joe, winner and runner-up 2020 Mo-Kan Regional Championship

NSTRA sanctioned field trials

The Mo-Kan NSTRA region is a part of the National Shoot to Retrieve Association, a non-profit association that holds sanctioned field trials for registered pointing dogs.

About NSTRA field trials

A field trial consists of 12-16 braces of dogs with their respective handler, two judges, a 30-40 acre field, and 5 planted quail per brace. A brace lasts for 30 minutes, in which time your objective is to work as a team with your dog to locate birds, hold point until flushed, and retrieve the bird to hand after being shot. A judge will be present to record your score for each find, retrieve and back. Overall scores are given for ground coverage and obedience. At the end of the day, the three dogs with the highest scores are awarded first through third place and will earn lifetime points towards a championship. Placing in a weekend field trial also makes your dog eligible to compete in an annual regional elimination trial, as well as 5 other national trials.


Many NSTRA competitors enjoy the venue because of the low barrier to entry. All you need to show up to a field trial with is your dog, boots and gun. The level of training for the dog is easier to attain than breaking a dog fully to wing and shot. The dog must only be steady until the bird is flushed, must retrieve to hand, and in order to be awarded extra points or earn a championship, must back another dog on point. Additionally, the amateur trial format has been restructured to allow amateur dogs to compete in Open trials, but be braced with another amateur dog. All registered pointing dog breeds eligible for AKC, FSDB or UKC registration are able to enter trials.  The most popular breeds are the English Pointer, English Setter, German Shorthaired Pointer and Brittany.

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If you would like to learn more about NSTRA field trialing in the Missouri – Kansas region, please use our contact form. We can connect you with members in your area that can help mentor you to begin participating in field trials.

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